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Let Our Customer Know More About Our Culture

This customer is our Janpan Customer,who bought our 6641 DMD insulation paper,with F class and high temperature resistance,used for the dry type transformer,we produced the best quality insulation to our customers and when we finished the production,our customer visit our factory and audit the productions,finally very satisfied with our quality and we have done anything our customer needs,such as the MSDS certificates and the things they need,we cooperate very happy and this is the picture of our colleague with our dear customer at the Montain,when finished the auit and vist,we took our customer enjoy the beautiful scieney and clim the mountains,which is the picture took on the Yellow River Three Gorges, We treat our customer as our best friends and we can learn from each other,incluing the culture,the spirit and so on.

Let Our Customer Know  More About Our Culture

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