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Rewinding Workshop

for the raw material,we use the best qulaity Dupont Nomex paper as the raw material and we have  the best advanced equipment to produce the production,with very high quality and high performance,whatever the high temperature resistance,high voltage and also the flatness,we can say our insulation paper is the best in the flatness,we use the computer control the machine and which is controled by the Automatical,more correctly and more safety,so that we can supply the best quality products to our clients and best selling in the world.


You can see from the picture,the machine are controled by the computer and with the development of Science and technology,we reduce the number of the worker and prefer to choose the automatical machines,in that case,we can reduce the cost of the works and give the customer best price than any other suppliers,which is the important reason why our customers choose us,as the most importand 2 point in business,one is the quality,the other is price,we can satisfy the both.


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